Webinars, conferences, events

Broadcasts from the studio and anywhere in the world

All productions – webinars, conferences, congresses, interviews, or debates – can be done in any of our three dedicated production spaces. We can thus work on three sets simultaneously, without changing locations! This solution significantly reduces production costs and allows us to fully control complex productions in one space. Moreover, we can enhance productions by connecting LIVE between studios within our building. Imagine the production possibilities with three different studios and seamless switching between subjects, interviewees, etc… Dynamics, variety, visual appeal, these are what audiences now expect.

Equally importantly, guest presence in the studio is not required. Thanks to our remote broadcast system, we have the ability to produce webinars and conferences (live and offline) without the experts being present in the studio, and we are able to even produce a holographic simulation of the expert upon request. Live connection with them is based on a professional quality audio-video link, which enables us to control the quality of audio and multimedia in real time. This way we can record and broadcast webinars, conferences or congresses at any time, arrangement, in any language, (we even realized webinars in Japanese) and from almost any place in the world.

Abroad, we work with partner studios in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the USA, France and the Czech Republic.

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