Our company operates an umbrella spanning two sectors of services: studio and production. It is upon those two pillars that our offer is built. Significantly, this is an offer aimed at businesses – as we realize services in the B2B market segment. “Production” is broadly defined as external production: of course, video support of events and happenings (live and offline), but also comprehensive implementation of video services for companies in the form of:

  • promotional films
  • instructional films
  • films documenting important events
  • interviews and sets
  • press conference coverage
  • training sessions for on-camera appearances
  • professional live implementation from selected locations in Poland (office and field)
  • webinars
  • advertisements
  • cooking programming

It was this service sector that was our primary videography operation before we established our physical recording studio. Notably, the history of the current team from before the Kakadu era was marked precisely by video productions for companies. This is how most of our current team met – through joint productions and realizations. That’s why we count the experience of our team not in years, but in decades.

The last two years, owing to present circumstances, have been focused mainly on studio productions, but our production team simultaneously provides video services outside the studio. Importantly, we can and do provide these services in a two-pronged manner:
– as subcontractors in the area of video production (equipment, crew, production, post-production) according to a script and director
– as producers, from assistance in concept building as per the intended message, selection of techniques, script, locations, and comprehensive production and post-production.

Our productions also include the recording and broadcast of events held in conference rooms, trade fairs, or hotels. This includes training courses, conferences, congresses and events, including sports events, concerts, and galas. In this case, recording using multiple – also mobile – cameras, is possible, as is the live broadcasting of the captured video. As in the case of studio production, remote connections with external experts are possible, along with broadcasting their presentations and multimedia materials (without the need for screen sharing).