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Wynajmij Studio Kakadu - 2 x studio greenscreeen, studio scenograficzne

Reservations: greenbox – set design – studio kakadu – warsaw

We offer studio rental, either as a whole or individual production spaces. There is a small green screen studio, a large green screen studio, and a set design studio available for rental. Each can be rented for up to 2 hours. During this time, the renter has at their disposal all resources assigned to the production space – basic equipment, lighting, etc.

Our studio covers over 600 square meters of space divided into three production zones. Each of them can operate independently or as a combined multiproduction space.

<strong>Large green screen studio</strong>

More than 180 meters square featuring a large wooden cyclorama greenbox 4.2 meters high. The studio is illuminated with Kino-Flo and HMI lighting. Being our largest studio, it is equipped with a gate that allows cars and oversized equipment to access the green screen directly. Importantly, the studio has an independent director’s booth with a 2-meter-high view, which facilitates communication, control, and implementation of productions. A dedicated 17 kW air conditioning unit is responsible for ventilation and cooling.

  • The studio has its own ICT and power line connection of 16, 32, and 63 A.  The total power of the individual connection to our studio is 100 kW.
  • Rental price starting from net 4000 zł. We do not charge additional fees for the electricity consumed through the setup offered.
<strong>Set design studio </strong>
It is located under the above-ground part of our studio, making the whole space – over 160 sq.m. – completely light- and sound proofed. There is a modular event wall with a built-in 214 cm screen, which can be completely covered with mounted blackout curtains and built up with any scenography (Multimedia LED Wildscreen)..

  • The hall’s 20-meter length allows for any camera setup, the installation of several sets simultaneously, or the seating of an audience. The hall has its own bathroom with a shower and ventilation as well as an air conditioning system..
  • Rental price starting from net 3000 zł. We do not charge additional fees for the electricity consumed through the setup offered.
<strong>Small whiteboard studio</strong>
  A 90 meter compact space for webinars, smaller informational or training productions, and small events. It serves both live productions and material recorded for further post-production. It can be equipped with 3 cameras, 2 prompters, preview monitors, and all equipment necessary for production or broadcast. The studio is permanently equipped with 5 Kino Flo lights.

  • The area of this studio is more than 80 square meters. Green screen size 4x4x2.5. Cyclorama metal/wood. White or any different color.
  • Rental price starting from net 1000 zł. We do not charge additional fees for the electricity consumed through the setup offered.

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Additionally available for a small fee:

  • 4 Sony FS7 cameras with lenses and tripods
  • 2 x 22? prompters with i software
  • 3 Mobile stations with six preview TVs
  • LED lighting – 5 panels
  • LED softbox lighting – 2 pcs.
  • DEDO lighting set
  • Ronin 1
  • Ronin 2
  • Manfrotto Avenger tripods
  • 6 x RGB LED strip
  • Behringer X32
  • 6 x Sennheiser rack-mounted microport
  • 9 x rack-mounted individual listening
  • NTG1 and NTG2 microphones
  • RODE 3m pole
  • Presonus 6 channel headphone mixer
  • 2 VMIX stations
  • Programmable mixing panel
  • Weights
  • SDI cables
  • 4 Motorola radios
  • Headsets and selfie sticks
  • and much more..